Hardware → Fully Functional Multi-Cloud without DevOps

Turn GPU/CPU servers into a best-in-class cloud offering. You bring the hardware and we bring optimized developer UX and state of the art deployments.

Initial Situation

Open source AI requires the needed hardware to be widely available on demand. Arkane Cloud is specializing in acquiring and distributing the latest GPU hardware powered by Gigabyte to host LLMs and other generative AI use cases. A key challenge however is that turning hardware into cloud ready entities that can be easily used by end developers is rather complicated. The team did not have the time or expertise to build this up from scratch.

Small team

Time to market essential

Hardware without frontend

Eurotours HQ

Challenges of distributing hardware as cloud compute

Existing solutions for turning hardware into usable cloud ready entities required month long projects and DevOps experts:

Complicated Setup

Solutions like RedHat Openshift or Rancher by Suse offer great flexibility but initial setups take months of DevOps work to set up. The amount of components you need connect and maintain make this unfeasible for smaller teams.

Inefficient Orchestration

The typical Kubernetes deployment takes multiple minutes to boot up before it's ready. You cannot ad-hoc re-allocate resources from one user to another.

Developer Experience Challenging

Developers love their local environments because everything is familiar, configurable and fast. Making the cloud experience as good is very hard.

Innovation Speed

With the current boom in generative AI, hardware is making progress fast and orchestration and deployment technology needs to keep up with the rapid pace.

Main Goals

Innovative hardware & best in class deployment orchestration and development workflows:

Solving Complexity Challenges

Zero configuration cloud provisioning enables developers to build and deploy GPU powered projects with a few clicks.

Solving Scaling Challenges

Use infrastructure more efficiently by flexibly scaling customer resources up or down based on usage.

Solving Privacy Concerns

Located in France, the GPU platform delivers unique benefits: GDPR compliant & low latency.

Solution and Implementation with Codesphere

Hardware meets Orchestration

Enabling Developers to build AI

Utilizing Codesphere as frontend and orchestration platform for Arkane's state of the art GPU servers, empowers developers in Europe to leverage the best-in-class hardware with best-in-class workflows. Self hosting & open-source AI is now more accessible and convenient than ever.

Codesphere enabled us to skip a cumbersome setup of our own cloud orchestration platform. We get to combine Codesphere's innovations around deployments with our state of the art hardware.

Julien Gauthier

Founder & CEO @ Arkane Cloud

Running directly on bare metal

GPU hardware is advancing at fast pace. Arkane can simply add new servers to their bare metal setup any time.

Faster cold starts

Through Codesphere's patented technology, users can switch GPUs on and off within milliseconds resulting in cost savings (scale to 0) when running low traffic apps.

This competitive advantage is crucial in the highly competitive market for GPUs.

Infrastructure chart
Combining the latest hardware with the latest innovations for infrastructure orchestration offers exciting advantages for European clients.

Julien Gauthier

Founder & CEO @ Arkane Cloud

.Migrating legacy software to the cloud

Migrating legacy software to the cloud

Legacy applications require adjustments before migrating - a necessity but also a unique opportunity.

.Navigating the LLM deployment dilemma

Navigating the LLM deployment dilemma

Whitepaper on rising GPU costs and innovative solutions. Why self hosting & modern cloud orchestration are the way to go.


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